Master Clinical Trial Agreements


Master Clinical Trial Agreements (MCTAs) provide agreed-upon terms and conditions establishing the basic relationship between the University and a Sponsor. Once a MCTA is in place, an addendum or study letter is typically generated for each new study to be done under the MCTA. The Addendum sets forth the items particular to a certain study such as budget/payment terms, schedule details, protocol name, and principal investigator. These Addenda are attached to the MCTA. This alleviates the need to negotiate the main terms of the agreement, as the majority of the terms are agreed upon and only the particular details need to be negotiated.

The use of Master Clinical Trial Agreements is a key tool in getting studies up and running as quickly and easily as possible. We now have MCTAs with over 25 commercial sponsors, and University Research Administration (URA) is continually working on revisions, renewals, and/or new agreements.


Below is a list of all the companies with whom we have current Master Clinical Trial Agreements. When dealing with the following sponsors, please inform them to use our MCTA.

Abbott Laboratories
Abiomed exp. 3/30/13
Bristol-Myers Squibb exp. 1/21/11
Bristol-Myers Squibb Medical Imaging
Celgene exp. 11/16/15
Cephalon exp. 6/25/14
Cook, Inc. exp. 6/15/12
DuPont Pharmaceuticals
Genentech exp. 10/2/13
Gilead Sciences exp. 11/19/13
Hyperion Therapeutics exp. 11/22/14
ImClone exp. 2/1/16
Medtronic exp. 6/14/15
Millennium Pharmaceuticals
Novartis exp. 8/31/13
Novo Nordisk
OSI Pharmaceuticals exp. 4/14/14
Pfizer exp. 10/1/14
Pfizer (Investigator-Initiated) exp. 12/1/14
Takeda Pharmaceuticals
Titan Pharmaceuticals